War in Ukraine, thousands of Syrian fighters are also arriving to help Russia

Putin speaks of “volunteers” while according to other sources, Moscow is carrying out an enlistment campaign in Syria, offering cash compensation to militiamen and mercenaries to go and fight with the Donbass separatists. About 16 thousand people have already been “recruited”

Thousands of fighters from Syria could soon arrive on the Ukrainian battlefield to help Russian forces. For a few days, rumors have been circulating and now the confirmation has also arrived from Putin, who spoke of “voluntary” militiamen. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu also said that these are unpaid people. “If you see that there are people who voluntarily want to help the separatists of eastern Ukraine, then you have to meet them halfway and help them move to the combat zones,” Putin told his minister (WAR IN UKRAINE: UPDATES – LO SPECIAL – THE VIDEOS).

Rumors of enlistments

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Other sources, however, tell a different version, namely that for days there have been real enlistment campaigns in Syrian villages. Russian emissaries – including Wagner representatives – are allegedly offering dollar fees to people with combat experience to be sent to Ukraine to fight alongside the Donbass separatists. Some indiscretions from Syria tell of “contracts” worth one thousand dollars a month, for a continuous commitment in Ukraine for seven months. Others reported more modest deals: $ 400 a month, with no commitment to stay long at the front. Approximately 16 thousand people have already been recruited.

The use of mercenaries

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In the past, Russia and Turkey have already used Syrian mercenaries to send to Libya and the Caucasus. Russia has been present militarily in Syria since 2015 and is closely linked to the Damascus government by a strategic military, political and diplomatic alliance. Putin, intervening in the Middle East conflict a few years ago, effectively protected Bashar al Assad’s stay in power. And now the president could return the favor by not hindering this operation.

Who are the fighters who could go to Ukraine

Analysts explain that the Syrian fighters who can be sent to Ukraine do not belong to the regular army of Damascus, but instead are militiamen, even not linked to the government, close to local warlords. Among these there are thousands of former militiamen of the dissolved Bustan and fighters of the 5th Syrian army corps, organized and financed by Russia.

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