Wari culture in Peru. They used hallucinogens to maintain political power

Crazy they built their empire in the area of ​​today Peru and ruled the area from 600 to 1000 AD. Their state existed even before the Inca culture.

In 2013-2017, an international team of archaeologists conducted excavations at the site Quilcapampa in southern Peru. It was then discovered that the representatives of the culture Crazy they used the seeds of the tree Vilca and combined them with the popular alcoholic drink for these areas, i.e. they chuckle.

Vilca tree, that is Anadenanthera colubrina, belongs to the bean family. It grows only in South America and the Caribbean. It is considered to be entheogen, i.e. a plant whose seeds contain psychoactive substances that induce mystical and spiritual experience. The seeds are used in rituals and healing ceremonies, among others.

Seeds were found during the excavation Vilca along with pottery fragments. Older archaeological research has already confirmed that Crazy they did not shy away from drinking sillybut this discovery provided the surprising information that they mixed alcohol with psychoactive substances.

As interpreted by scientists, the elite Crazyduring numerous feasts, she offered her guests they chuckle with the addition of seeds Vilcato demonstrate your social, economic and political power.

– Wari added substances to the alcohol to impress the guests. It put them in a trance and created a pleasant feeling they had never experienced before. Such an experience created relationship with unrequited debt. In this way, the bond between the Wari elite and the inhabitants was cemented – he said Matthew Biwer, Assistant Professor of Archeology at Dickinson College, Pennsylvania.

It turns out representatives of culture Crazy they were the only ones to use the seeds in this way Vilca. In Inca culture, the use of hallucinogens was not so widespread.

Scientists got to know the way the authorities Crazy they maintained their rule for 400 years, but still it is unclear why this culture collapsed. Initially, researchers believe that it was caused by climate change, including progressive drought.

The results of the archaeological research were published on Tuesday in a scientific journal Antiquity.

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