Warm up the house with the oven trick, the hidden option that few knew

But like this year, Italians are anxious about how next winter will proceed, due to the high energy. Heating home will be really complicated to save money, but u existn trick that will surely help. Here’s what it is.

Warm up the house
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Next winter will be very difficult for many as regards household consumptiongiven that due to inflation and the cost of raw materials, everything from electricity to gas will increase.

It is when you are cornered, however, that you find the more ingenious ways to try to save on bills, thus managing to keep some money. But how to do it? There are many methods, including one that perhaps not everyone is familiar with.

Using the oven to heat your home: how do you do it?

It is already known, by now, that the next electricity and gas bills should practically doublenews that shocked most of the Italian population.

Turn on the oven
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Temperatures are starting to go towards winter, then soon it will be time to turn on the heaterswhich worries not a few because of the possible bills that may arrive.

But there are some tips to be able to heat your home with other appliances, including the electric oven, which is usually found in all kitchens.

To say it is Lauren Tomkinsthe manager of the Grainger’s Gatehouse Apartments chain, as reported by the British website The Mirror.

It is her to sharing a trick for using the oven to heat a large part of the house, spending less money and reducing energy costs.

Cooking in the oven
Cooking in the oven – Nanopress.it

Tomkins, in fact, says that if you have an open space living room at home, or an open kitchen with an adjoining living room, the oven can be a fantastic source of heat to heat the environment.

When using the appliance for cooking, whether it is a pizza or a chicken in the oven, the heating must be turned off if it is on, thus letting the oven emit its heat throughout the room as it cooks.

Surely, when the cooking is finished, opening the oven the heat will spread around, thus heating our living space.

In this way, the house expert says that the bills will certainly be lower and the energy consumption of our home will be reduced.

Other tricks to save on energy costs

Lauren Tomkins also shared other tricks to further save on energy bills by reducing energy consumption.

Obviously, it’s about making the most of home appliances: for example, do not use the dryer often, which really consumes a lot. To dry the laundry, we use the natural currents, especially when the days allow it.

Also there dishwasher it must be used with intelligence: start it only when it is fully loaded, so when the space inside has been fully utilized.

Doing so will reduce washing, thus bringing a very high saving of electricity, as well as water to wash our dishes.

Also energy-saving light bulbs they are a good purchase to make at home: these keep our homes bright, but reduce energy consumption and therefore the cost in the bill.

Obviously, the main advice is to always choose appliances of a high energy class, because they will be the ones that will consume the least each time they are activated.

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