Warning. Salmonella on eggshells of Łomża eggs

The batch of eggs “My cock”, produced for Biedronka, is being withdrawn from the market. All because of salmonella sticks on the shells.

The Chief Sanitary Inspectorate warns against salmonella on egg shells. It’s about “Moja kurka” eggs produced for Jeronimo Martins Polska SA

Product details

Product: My hen Polish free range eggs Class A, size L

Lot number: POW12 20.11

Best before: 20/11/2021

Code on eggshells: 1PL 10161326

Made for: Jeronimo Martins Polska SA, ul. Żniwna 5, 62-025 Kostrzyn

Made by: OVOVITA A. Kurasik 95-030 Rzgów, Prawda 60A Pravda Egg Packaging Plant, packing plant code: PL-10065901.

GIS reports that consumption of the product, without proper heat treatment, may transfer bacteria from eggs to other surfaces. And this is a simple path to human infection and salmonellosis.

The egg packing plant initiated the withdrawal of the batch from the market and informed the farm of origin of the eggs. At the same time, no non-compliance has been found so far, both in hygiene procedures and in laboratory tests.

Further explanatory proceedings are underway.

Photo GIS / illustrative photo

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Warning. Salmonella on egg shells.

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