Warta Poznań – Wisła Płock. Wisła finally broke the tragic streak. PKO Ekstraklasa

The first game in the 15th round of PKO Ekstraklasa took place in Grodzisk Wielkopolski. Warta Poznań picked up hopelessly playing on away Wisła Płock. The oilers have yet to score a single point and were counting on breaking this fatal streak. Before this game, they lost all seven games in which they conceded 20 goals and scored nine. The Greens, on the other hand, finally broke through in the previous series of games. What’s more, a new coach, 31-year-old Dawid Szulczek, sat on the coaching bench for the first time. Former coach Wigier Suwałki replaced Piotr Tworek in this position.

The first half was not the best this season. The pace of the game left a lot to be desired. The team that had more from the game was the home team. I must admit that they have created quite a lot of convenient shooting opportunities. The oilers gave the initiative to their rivals and set themselves up for a counterattack game. They were also lucky, because in those first 45 minutes Krzysztof Kamiński was very well disposed. Golkiper from Płock was forced to intervene several times, and at least once he behaved simply brilliantly.

In the 43rd minute the Greens took a corner kick. The football game hit the head of Michał Kopczyński, who tried to surprise the goalkeeper of the team from Płock. Krzysztof Kamiński, however, showed an excellent reflex and bounced the ball with his foot. A few moments later the guests took the lead quite unexpectedly. Warta players let themselves be surprised, for the first time in this match. The oilers attacked with their left side, and later Piotr Tomasik behaved very lucidly, playing to Radosław Cielemęcki, who was in the penalty area. The Wisła footballer gave a precise hit on the ground and thus entered the list of shooters in PKO Ekstraklasa for the first time in his career.

After the change of sides, the team led by coach Szulczek immediately attacked, wanting to equalize as soon as possible. The guys were close, but their plans were crossed by the opponents’ goalkeeper and the aluminum of the goal he guarded. Mateusz Kuzimski did well in the vicinity of the sixteen Oilers and fired a dangerous shot, but it only hit the goal frame.

Over time, the guests tried to shift the burden of the game to the opponent’s half. As much as they could, they slowed the pace of the game in a positional attack. They held the ball for longer, and whenever the Greens tried to attack them they were deeply set back. After the first quarter of an hour of play, the pace of the game slowed down a bit. Nothing foreshadowed what happened in the 64th minute.

Adrian Lis made a terrible mistake that resulted in the hosts conceding a second goal. The goalkeeper of Warta from Poznań, trying to knock out the ball, did it so ineptly that it hit the legs of the Wisła player next to him. Kristian Vallo did not think for a long time, he immediately ran to Łukasz Sekulski, who put the ball into an empty goal.

The result of this match was an own hit. In the third minute of added time to the second half, Damian Rasak unfortunately intervened in his own sixteen. Łukasz Trałka crossed from a free kick, and the ball hit the head of the guest player, who surprised his goalkeeper. Ultimately, however, the Nafciarze scored a full set of points and thus broke the terrible streak of seven consecutive away defeats in PKO Ekstraklasa.

Wisła Płock will take on Cracovia in the next round. The team from Płock is one of the few teams in PKO Ekstraklasa that have not lost to their own audience this season. In turn, Warta Poznań will face Lech Poznań in the derby competition.

Warta Poznań – Wisła Płock 1: 2 (0: 1)

Goals: Damian Rasak (90 + 3 ‘- alone) – Radosław Cielemęcki (45 + 2’), Łukasz Sekulski (64 ‘)

Yellow cards: Kupczak – Sekulski, Furman, Kolar, Rzeźniczak, Krzyżański

Judge: Damian Kos

Guard: Lis – Grzesik, Ivanov, Szymonowicz, Kiełb (71. Czyżycki) – Corryn (57. Rodriguez), Kopczyński (71. Kupczak), Trałka, Czyż (71. Matuszewski), Papeau – Kuzimski

Vistula: Kamiński – Rzeźniczak, Lagator, Michalski – Vallo (76. Krzyżański), Lesniak (57. Rasak), Furman (65. Warchoł), Tomasik – Szwoch, Sekulski (65. Kolar), Cielemęcki (76. Zbozień)

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