Was he threatened? Trans woman was murdered by killers in her house. universal

There is pain over the murder of Dania Sharith Polo, a transgender woman known as ‘La Polla’, in the municipality of El Carmen de Bolivar.

At first it was said that the victim was with friends at a nightclub in the Las Palmas neighborhood when men on a motorcycle approached and shot him. But, his relatives confirmed that he was at home when the bullet attack took place on April 30 at 7 pm. Read here: Nurse and mother of 2 children, woman dies after falling from horse to motorcycle

The victim was taken to the Nuestra Señora del Carmen Hospital, but due to the severity of the gunshots, she was sent to a clinic in Sincelejo, where she died in the early hours of this Friday, May 12. He remained in the ICU for twelve days. The police investigate to establish the motives of the crime.

“Tragic Loss”

‘La Polla’ was the leader of the Lgbtiq+ community in the municipality, organizing events and initiatives to protect the rights of its members. The Positive Caribbean organization ruled on this fact. “Loving, collaborative, creative, innovative and powerful: this was the leader whose life was upended by the violence in Montes de Maria, against whom we continue to call for forceful action by the state,” the statement said. Read here: Transgender woman hanged with friends in nightclub killed by hitman

He states that “the request of the lover of crafts and reading was: ‘We want to engage with society as we are human beings.’ These were her words in a commemorative video by 8M that celebrated the diversity of women, where she showed that she was searching for her peace and calm.

“His work for peace-building as a declarant before the Truth Commission and the Special Jurisdiction for Peace will never be forgotten, and his impulse for recognition of the Lgbtiq+ collective deserves attention and integral redress from the Unit The number of victims in 2020 as a matter of first repair”, he said.

Was he threatened?  Trans woman killed by criminals in her home


According to Caribe Affirmativeo, ‘La Polla’ was murdered in a context where LGBTQ+ people in the municipality are at risk, as a pamphlet threatening members was circulated on March 10, 2023. Those responsible would be the del Golfo clan.

“We demand from Caribe Affirmativeo a rapid investigation and clarification of the facts so that they can attend to the case, in addition to the assignment of a special prosecutor who looks into the possibility of a configuration of an indicator of violence.” No. … which may have been motivated by Dania’s gender identity, indicating potential violence due to prejudice. Historically, Lgbtiq+ people have faced violence in El Carmen de Bolívar.

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