was in a state of alcoholic intoxication

The 24-year-old girl driving the Mercedes A-Class who got involved had the alcohol level beyond the limits allowed in the car accident where three people died. The young woman, originally from the province of Brescia, was arrested on the orders of the prosecutor on duty Cristina D’Aniello, accused of multiple road homicide and road injuries aggravated by drunk driving.

According to the first findings of the local police, the incident may have been fueled by a lane jump. The 24-year-old is now guarded in the hospital in Cesena: neither she nor her 25-year-old friend from Brescia who was traveling next to her are in danger of life although they have suffered injuries of a certain extent. 90-day prognosis for the third injured woman – a 55-year-old from Ravenna – who was traveling on the Fiat Panda which collided head-on with the Mercedes.

The accident

The accident occurred in via Bollana / Sp71bis, not far from the intersection with via Garattona, in the municipality of Cervia, just before 1 am. In the accident, the Fiat Panda overturned and the worst were two women aged 55 and 52 who were inside the small car: they died practically on the spot. The third person inside the Panda was hospitalized in serious condition at the Bufalini in Cesena. The third person who died is a 39-year-old man from Forlì who was on board the motorcycle.

There are also three injured: as mentioned, a woman aboard the Fiat Panda and two occupants of the Mercedes. All are hospitalized at the Bufalini hospital in Cesena with codes of medium and maximum severity, rescued by the 118 health workers with two medical cars and three ambulances. The Fire Brigade also intervened and assisted the health workers in extracting the injured and victims from the twisted metal sheets of the cars.

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