was written by four children 27 years ago (who recognize handwriting)

In 1995, four little friends, all ten years old, jointly wrote a message on a piece of paper, deciding to put it in one bottle and throw it into the sea. It happened 27 years ago in La Marque, Texas near Galveston Bay. In their fantasy, the fours thought it would be nice if the message was ended up on the other side of the world, or at least, somewhere along the Gulf of Mexicoone of them said, Brian Standefer. “If you find this message please call“, they wrote on the ticket leaving two telephone numbers if we are not at home leave a message on the answering machine with the number ».

Message in a bottle thrown into the sea. A young man finds her in Bari and launches an appeal: “I would like to meet Ettore”

The story

“We were just a bunch of kids joking around and looking for something fun to do,” recalled Standefer, now 38. Him and the other three friends, Drew Plasek, Travis Casler And Lance Casler, kept in touch over the years, and reunited a year and a half ago when Casler died of a heart attack. “We were devastated,” Standefer explained.

Message in a bottle!, which in this case is not the famous 1979 Police song, but the phrase that a volunteer cleaner at Mac McGaffey Highland Bayou Park must have exclaimed, when last month he noticed the bottle with the message, partially buried in the mud. , just three kilometers from where it was thrown 27 years ago. The volunteers informed a local TV station of the find, which posted a photo of the message on the Facebook page of the Keep La Marque Beautiful Commission. Several residents recognized Standefer’s name. “Seeing my handwriting and the names of my friends – she pointed out – was a surreal and exciting thing, especially since we lost Travis”.

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