Wasp was supposed to be in Doctor Strange 2 and come to a bad end

Wasp was supposed to appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness … but maybe it’s better that he didn’t. Writer Michael Waldron has revealed in detail the plan to insert Evangeline Lily and her Marvel character in Sam Raimi’s film.

During a podcast interview reported by Heroic Hollywood, the writer explained that in the early drafts of the film’s complex script there was also Wasp. Heroin would do part of the Illuminati: the superhero group founded by the Earth-838 Strange.


In fact, in the film we discover that the version of the Earth so far explored by the Marvel Cinematic Universe is known as Earth-616. It is explained by a Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams) from another universe, in which the scientist studies the infinite variations of the Multiverse. His version of Earth, the one we see the Illuminati about (and where Strange died), it is numbered as 838.

The writers considered many superheroes and their possible alternate versions before choosing the final composition of the Illuminati as well as met by Strange in the film directed by Sam Raimi. Wasp was originally going to be part of the team too, and like the rest of his teammates, he really would a bad end, killed by a ruthless Wanda in search of power.

Michael Waldron explained in detail what inspired this cult scene:


I had seen Aliens and was thinking about the Marines being slaughtered and, yes, I’m glad it worked.

Wasp would also have had a terrible end:

Wasp was initially part of this version of the Illuminati. In the encounter with Wanda, her would have shrunk and would have flown towards her. Wanda would simply clap her hands and crush Wasp.

Wanda would have made Wasp do the same as a gnat or a nuisance mosquito!

Although Evangeline Lily’s cameo was skipped in the second Doctor Strange, we will soon find her again in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. The film will be released on February 17, 2023.

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