Watchmen could have become a film directed by Terry Gilliam and Alan Moore revealed that David Bowie wanted to be Rorschach.

Watchmen could become a film directed by Terry Gilliam and David Bowie among the cast members: it was revealed by Alan Moore during an interview with BBC 6.

The artist, who did not want to be involved in the production of the TV series coming to HBO, was interviewed by Richard Norris and during the more than two hours of dialogue between the two it was discovered that Terry Gilliam was going to make a film from Watchmen, speaking with Alan Moore several times about the project. The director subsequently decided to abandon the idea, arguing that it was impossible to film a film version of the graphic novel.
Gilliam, however, had revealed to him that he had received some phone calls from international actors and stars with whom they expressed their interest in being part of the cast. Among these calls, there was also that of David Bowie who wanted at all costs to interpret Rorschach.
The music star failed to see his wish fulfilled, despite having the opportunity to join the world of Watchmen thanks to the Zack Snyder film, in which he performed a scene set outside the Studio 54 in 1977.

Moore also explained why he included many musical references in his works: ” If you quote a song the player will immediately start thinking about it, playing it subliminally in his own head, giving a soundtrack to comics that can’t have soundtracks “.

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