Water polo/ The Harvard team challenges Bogliasco

From the press office of Bogliasco 1951. By Marco Tripodi

The 2023 of the boys of Netafim Bogliasco 1951 will begin with a prestigious and suggestive international friendly. On Saturday 7 January, among the friendly waters of Gianni Vassallo, Daniele Magalotti’s biancazzurri will host the US team from Harvard University in a test match, currently on tour in our country.

The American formation, nicknamed ‘Crimsons’, i.e. Crimson due to the color that distinguishes its coat of arms, is made up of water polo players from one of the most important universities in the world, capable of training world-class excellence for almost four centuries such as the magnates of computer science Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, former US presidents such as Barack Obama, Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy but also Oscar-winning actors such as Natalie Portman and Matt Damon.

The Crimsons’ Italian tour is organized by Sportrip, a company specializing in sports tourism founded and managed by bogliaschine Serena Gallone (former Bogliasco player) and Marella Iodio, and will take 40 student-athletes from the famous country around Italy for a couple of weeks university located near Boston. Standing out among these are the 25 water polo players who on Saturday at 3 pm will cross their arms with those of the bogliaschini before continuing their Italian experience moving between Florence, Como and Milan.

For Guidaldi and his companions, a fascinating challenge but also a way to better prepare for the resumption of the Serie A1 championship after the end-of-year break.

Anyone wishing to watch the match from the stands of Vassallo can do so for free and without any restrictions.

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