Wattman, the fastest electric motorcycle in the world, rides 456 km / h

We heard about the first attempt back in 2019, when it was Voxan announced that he has undertaken to cooperate with a former MotoGR rider, Max Biaggi. The goal was to break the speed record of an electric motorcycle. The event took place in November 2020.

Biaggi took off the electric Wattman to a dizzying speed of 407 km / h. But it is not everything. The average speed in two directions was also achieved at the level of 360 km / h. The engineers at Voxan, however, intended to raise the speed to 398 km / h. The Italian broke the speed record of 330 km / h, which was set earlier by Ryuji Tsuruta on the Mobitec EV-02A model. However, it is also worth taking into account another record, namely 351 km / h, set by Lightning LS-218 many years ago.

Voxan didn’t say the last word then. Over the past year, engineers have modified the Wattman, increasing its power from 367hp to 425 hp. Effect? The 300 kg motorcycle broke its previous year’s record by 49 km / h. Now global the speed record of an electric motorcycle is 456 km / h. Interestingly, the record was broken on one of the runways at the famous Kennedy Space Center in Florida, from where rockets with space missions take off. This is an ideal place for Wattman, who has truly cosmic possibilities.

Wattman, which resembles a very futuristic i overclocked cruiser model, will be available for purchase, although the manufacturer has of course not decided to mass-produce and each unit will be individually finished. So if you have a lot of unnecessary cash, you already know what you can invest in, and we keep our fingers crossed for trying to break the record in the coming years.


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