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An illustration of Mafalda crying and being consoled by the Turma da Mónica leader as Javier Millay’s victory is confirmed in Argentina, the same Brazilian who asked in 2018 to keep everyone’s hands It dominated leftist social networks. Jair Bolsonaro defeated PT member Fernando Haddad in the latest poll, matching Millei and Sergio Massa’s 55% to 44%. Hatred surpassed love, and they mourned the losers.

Janja herself, the first lady of Brazil and the leader of this progressive circle, also went to the Internet on Sunday (19th) morning, that is, before Massa’s defeat, and said that Monica is a little friend created by the cartoonist Kino. He shared the comfort “Mehorara” that he offers to the people. For better or worse, in contrast to the diplomatic guide for those in iconic positions like hers, the sociologist adds a not-so-subtle pun: “What a great hug!!!” Ta.

Until yesterday, this national left, generally associated with intellectuals and cultural executives, seemed confident that the Argentina of 2023 would emulate the Brazil of 2022. However, the brothers are still living in their own version of 2018, just like the year the Brazilians entered the country. This trend was reinvigorated in the United States in 2016 by Donald Trump.

Like Janja, in the past Lula (PT) social media head Nicole Briones used X (formerly Twitter) to express her thoughts on Argentina’s elections. But his vision is to shatter the Western Wall that was erected after the results of the neighboring election.

“Millay is no surprise. The global left needs to try to make peace with the people and understand their true desires. As long as we stay in this nonsense of love and blah blah, we will be lacking.” The people want order and money in their pockets.” Lula won here because he was the only one, but he still almost lost. ”

Yes, Lula, the electoral giant, was in a head-to-head fight with a weakened Bolsonaro in many ways, but he did not lose by a narrow margin last year. What can economy minister Massa, nominated by the ruling party, say about soaring inflation at a time when seven out of 10 Argentines say their lives have gotten worse in the past year? I wonder?

It’s not like he didn’t have a chance. He started the first round with a surprise. He was betting big on the adage, “It’s bad with him, and it’s worse without him.” After all, his rival has earned skepticism even within his right-wing ranks with his pledge to dollarize the economy and is, to use a euphemism, an eccentric personality.

Millais said he was the father of five dogs, Conan, Murray, Milton, Robert and Lucas, cloned from the deceased four-legged original, and spoke ill of fellow Pope Francis. Although he says he opposes abortion, he has already relativized the commodification of children. “If I had children, I wouldn’t sell. The answer depends on what terms you think about it, but it will probably be debated in 200 years.”

Massa, on the other hand, defeated all the far left names in the caucus and became the Peronist party’s best ace in this election. That wasn’t the case.

Milley succeeded with a strategy that has also worked for businessman Trump and junior cleric Bolsonaro. It emerged as an anti-establishment alternative at a time when many Argentines, especially young people, were disillusioned with the political castes of the right, left and left. They are going back and forth in election after election.

Posting tearful Mafaldas is a way to unite with the disappointment of this progressive elite, as the radical right has made strides across the continent just when the tide was expected to recede. can. But they also reveal a kind of disconnect between the group and people’s “real desires,” as highlighted by Nicole Briones, now in charge of digital communications at the EBC.

One moment you’re begging anyone to let go of someone’s hand, and the next you’re an evangelical aunt selling cakes in front of the subway because you voted for the so-called wrong candidate. There is no value in being the first to let go. It doesn’t speak to everyone by disrespecting those who don’t say “everyone,” but some on the left aren’t ready to have that conversation.

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