Wave of violence in Ecuador: Troops patrol all night in search of terrorists

Wave of violence in Ecuador: Troops patrol and search through the night in pursuit of terrorists (Reuters)

those nights Ecuador Now has become a critical time for police patrols to hunt down terrorists disrupting the order of the country these days. Although criminal gangs have approximately 20,000 members operating in various cities, the Armed Forces are increasing their efforts and carrying out operations within the framework of the state of emergency in accordance with Decree No. 111 ordered by Daniel Noboa.

Because of this, dozens of criminals were arrested in the first few days of the exercise, and the number continues to increase.

GuayaquilThis city on the Pacific coast is one of the cities known for its high homicide rate, making it one of the main fronts in the “war” declared by Noboa. The heavily armed, masked soldiers left in a convoy of three trucks, accompanied by two four-wheel drive police vehicles, shortly after the 11pm curfew began.

“In this area of ​​Pasquales we know there are organized crime gangs. It is an area JonerosLieutenant Alexander Sansi commented, while others in the distance could be heard saying that it was time to show that the battle had begun.

Police know this is criminal gang territory and are preparing for the worst (Reuters)

However, not everyone in this war is a terrorist; in order to ensure public order, a firm attitude must also be shown to all sectors of society. As luck would have it, that’s how it happened.

Despite the obvious presence of a band there, the night was eerily quiet. To avoid unnecessary confrontations, criminals conspicuously absent themselves and strictly adhere to government orders.

As the convoy moved slowly through dark streets populated by stray dogs, the group spotted the first suspects in the distance. They stopped the march, got out of their cars and stopped two men in hats and shorts who were talking on the sidewalk.

They placed them against the wall and searched them thoroughly to make sure they had no weapons on them. “Aren’t you carrying a knife or drugs?” police asked as they searched their shaky backpacks. However, all they found were completely tangled cables, old phone chargers and dirty clothes, all recovered from the trash.

Police record a group of people talking on the sidewalk (Reuters)

“Get out, let’s go! “You have nothing to do there! ” the police told them as they were releasing them.

The tour continues. As they passed by, the soldiers again noticed homeless people sleeping on cardboard boxes, snorting cocaine and rummaging through trash, but they did not stop and prioritized looking for possible terrorists in preparation for criminal acts.

Minutes later, a suspicious group of people gathered on a public road dispersed after noticing the police presence, It didn’t take long before they were chasing them down the alley, weapons drawn.. After successfully arresting them all, they further conducted more stringent searches as the suspicion was greater.

No criminals were arrested that night, but several civilians were arrested for violating the curfew (Reuters)

“Why did you run away?” they asked as they searched a man in his 30s and lifted his shirt to look at his tattoos. There are no wolf faces, tiger paws or any other symbols commonly carried by Ecuadorian gang members. Instead, the young man wears a mediocre “mata” at the base of his neck.

The man tried to come up with a convoluted explanation in between gibberish, but it didn’t help him avoid being handcuffed. However, at around 3 a.m., after the patrol ended, the police decided that he had learned his lesson and left him barefoot on the side of the road.

“Today we carried out various security operations in this area of ​​Pasquales, including fixed point and mobile patrols. Twenty-five cars were confiscated and about 30 people were arrested. Tonight will focus on arresting those who violate the curfew. No gang members were arrested.” Capt. Carlos Janff of the 5th Infantry Brigade said when reporting on the night’s events.

However, no one knew what would happen the next day.

(Information from AFP)

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