We already have League of Legends 2024 video, and it provides clues about the future of the game.

Games as a service is a constant cycle of milestones. They need to regularly advertise and generate interest in their products because their products have no real beginning or end. This is why they create events and seasons: to define cycles, create continuity and a sense of urgency. This is something that is not unfamiliar to even the most experienced people.

One of the traditions of League of Legends is to create video presentations for each season. Typically a brief action vignette, they are usually five minutes long and focus on a handful of characters, giving them a special importance that strives to make them stand out in a way they wouldn’t normally have in a game as broad and collective as this.

The video for the 2024 season is called Still Here, and they decided to focus on some of the most recognizable faces in the game. They put all the focus on Kayle, Morgana, Aatrox, Yasuo, Tryndamere, Kindred, and Ashe instead of having as many characters as possible or just one character taking all the spotlight , they wanted it to be an ensemble cast that told three short stories, each with its own vignette. There is a clear protagonist in all of this though.

Yasuo is undoubtedly the one who gets the best piece of the cake. Showing him as an older ronin defending the innocent people of Ionia, it’s a glimpse into the character’s unexpected future. A very different take on Yasuo, the tortured ronin, suggesting that he’ll find some peace within himself and his place in the world by protecting the weak.

Ultimately, these videos don’t represent fundamental changes to the game. “Still Here” is no exception. But it’s an interesting detail that will excite players and try to attract those who may have given up on the game. In this sense, as an exciting promotional video, there is no doubt that it works perfectly.

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