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In recent days there has been a lot of talk (and writing) about Disney’s choice to redesign the little mermaid in a dark-skinned version. Not that there are no examples of non-white protagonists and protagonists in cinematography or even in the history of fairy tales, but the choice was probably made in the key of representativeness. Or at least I like to think that this is the case, that is, that we have gone beyond politically correct at all costs. And if this is the case, that is, that we are faced with an attempt to make as many women as possible feel involved through an invented character, we need to think deeply about what the female model and society are. real as a whole consider it more representative. Eye, we’re about to do a double back pike.

Queen Elizabeth II (born Elizabeth Alexandra Mary) died on 8 September last: for her funeral it is estimated that around 3 billion people were put in front of a screen. The fact, on the other hand, is epochal: we are talking about the death of one of the longest-lived rulers of all time, to pay homage to her not only her subjects and her subjects presented themselves, but also the main leaders. of world politics.

A few hours earlier and about 5200 kilometers away from London, in the Iranian city of Saqqez, another woman’s funeral took place. A woman unknown until two days ago and whose name, despite a sudden surge in popularity, will return very soon in the drawer of indifference.

We are writing it here, in the hope that at least for a while it will buzz in your head. Mahsa Amini. Mahsa Amini was 22 years old and on 16 September she was beaten to death by the “police of morality” while she was visiting Tehran with her family. The reason for her seems to have been a lock of hair that came out of her veil, therefore worn incorrectly for the rules of the Islamic sharia. During her funeral, both in Saqqez and in Tehran, several protests were recorded: many women cut their hair and ripped off their hijab, posting the videos on social networks and sparking a strong reaction from the Iranian government. These people now take a great deal of risk.

I have these scenes in my eyes. On the one hand, the composure of a nation and a family, the English royal one, which has been implementing a protocol that has been ready for years and studied down to the smallest detail. A family that knows it is under the watchful eye of millions of curious and judgmental people all over the world. A family that, like all other families, did not choose itself and by genealogy but not by merit it found itself at the head of a kingdom. On the other hand, a civil society that struggles sprawling because its rights are not respected by the same state that should guarantee them. At the center of the scene two women, protagonists in spite of themselves.

Between Elizabeth II and Masha Amini there is a whole world. Yet for a few hours their deaths became extremely significant internationally. But if we read about Queen Elizabeth’s death in the history books, we already know that we will soon forget about Masha Amini, in a perfect and striking example of representative inconsistency. If we have to throw a hypothesis there, in fact, in the world there are many more Mahsa than Elizabeth II. There are many more women who see their rights trampled on a daily basis. There are many more women who have no voice. There are many more subjects than queens. To bring them closer there is only the fact that neither of us has really chosen what to be in life because we will not even remember Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, but we will always hear about Elizabeth II.

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