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The hypothesis of postponing the congress, but Bonaccini: “Let’s avoid the mistake that we need infinite times for regeneration”

It is a party still traumatized by the electoral defeat that met today at the Nazarene for the management that set up the congress path. A party in “crisis”He says Matteo Orfini.

What second Enrico Lettawhich had reiterated it yesterday in the secretariat, should have been the Directorate from which only one news emerged – “the congress path starts” – has become a meeting-outlet for dem fears.

We have very few members»Says the mayor of Pesaro Matteo Ricci. “In 40 per cent of those who abstained in the elections, there are our voters,” he observes Luigi Zanda. “Nobody enters our circles,” he sighs Sandra Zampa. «Today the polls say that the 5 stars have reached us», He points out Mauro Miccoli.

Therefore fear also concerns competition in the opposition camp. “We are not prepared to be fooled by the other oppositions,” attacks Letta. “Who we are? Where do we go?He asks himself Francesco Boccia. To find out, part of the dem leaders would like more time and postpone the congress. Some – Luigi Zanda – they say it openly. Other – Andrea Orlando – they let it be understood.

The time dilation also serves to block the passage a Stefano Bonaccini. And the candidate in pectore for the secretariat, who has not yet officially entered the field, connects towards the end of the meeting and warns: “We are careful not to remain at the still image of 25 September and getting lost in philosophical discussions while others rule. Let’s avoid the mistake according to which infinite times are needed for the regeneration of the Democratic Party. We give the idea that in reality there is a ruling class that has to decide how to reposition itself ». The “governor of Emilia Romagna did not even stand as a candidate today, but he undoubtedly threw down his gauntlet.

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