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At the end of a morning that gave little emotion during the presentation of the lists, it is natural that the spotlight was focused above all on the outgoing mayor and on the one who found himself, almost against all odds, playing the role of the only electoral opponent. Speaking to the microphones, the mayor admitted the anomalous situation that had arisen: “This is a definitely unusual electoral campaign, characterized by our coalition with the seven lists presented – said Mayor Enzo Ferrandino – while on the other side it was launched the candidacy of Gennaro Savio. The current context in which the campaign is launched is the result of a series of actions carried out in these five years on the territory and with the involvement of all the political forces who have wished to deal responsibly with the support of the administration in a moment of difficulties arising from the health emergency and the consequent difficult economic conditions, harbingers of problems that we are trying to face and solve. In these five years, thanks to the work carried out by the entire administration with the support of the municipal offices, we have managed to intercept more than 37 million euros in funding: many works have been started, others are in the initial stages, and among these the intervention that will be carried out on the Right Bank. In recent weeks we have carried out some tests of verification in the subsoil: in the autumn the most impactful works will begin. Other works are the parking on the Sopraelevata, the one in the space in front of the Enzo Mazzella stadium. These are planned and financed strategic interventions that we hope, hopefully, to carry out during the next council meeting. We hope for five more peaceful years, in terms of environmental conditions, to be able to operate in the best conditions, if citizens were to put us at the helm of the administration again ”, concluded the mayor.

As mentioned, the only opponent is Gennaro Savio, previously a candidate in the elections for the leadership of the institution in via Iasolino: “This morning with the delivery of the PCIML list and my candidacy for mayor, I believe that I have honored first of all the memory of my father Domenico, carrying on the political work he did for a whole life. So for me it is already a great victory. In addition to being a tribute to the memory of my father, it is above all the means to give the citizens of Ischia the possibility of having in this electoral competition a representation of the world of work, of the people of Ischia. With this candidacy I did my duty, despite a thousand difficulties: in recent years I could count on the help and experience of my father, this time I had to do everything myself, and it was not at all easy to satisfy all the bureaucratic requirements, but fortunately I succeeded. Now we have given citizens the opportunity to vote for an alternative: obviously they will decide whether to trust us. We would very much like a revolution to take place in this municipality, and to be able to guide it in five years of transparent administration in which we would rally all the people to do so. We at least hope that the citizens and voters of Ischia will give us the opportunity to finally enter the municipal council and be able to bring within it the struggle that we have always waged in the squares to defend the workers, seasonal and otherwise, of the entire island, to defense of the rights of all the people, starting with less well-off families and citizens in difficulty. Five years ago I almost entered the council; I trust that this time we will be able to be at least present with some councilors in the civic forum, with an important awareness: if we did not succeed, there would be no opposition in the council. It would be a very serious historical fact for the administrative life of the town, which has never occurred in the history of the Municipality of Ischia, so I believe that the citizens of Ischia should vote for the PCIML list ”, commented Savio. Despite the unprecedented anomaly, the Ischia election campaign has therefore begun.

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