We are working with our partners on new sanctions against Russia

On Thursday, January 6, in the British parliament, the conservative politician said that Russia was wrong to view Ukraine as a threat “to justify its continued aggressive stance.”

– We will not accept the campaign that Russia is leading to overthrow its democratic neighbors – declared Truss, noting that “Russia is the aggressor here” and “NATO has always been a defensive alliance”. The minister also stressed the importance of NATO’s unity in fending off the threat from Moscow.

Sanctions warning

The head of the ministry of diplomacy admitted that a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine would result in “enormous consequences, including coordinated sanctions”, which would be imposed in order to “impose significant costs on Russia’s interests and economy.”

“The UK is working with our partners on sanctions, including high-impact measures against the Russian financial sector and individuals,” said Truss.

The politician also announced that she would visit Kiev in January.

Great Britain criticizes Nord Stream 2

Liz Truss also raised the issue of the German-Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, pointing out that Great Britain remains an opponent of this investment. She stressed that “Europe must reduce its dependence on Russian gas”.

– Great Britain remains opposed to Nord Stream 2, and I am working with allies and partners to emphasize the strategic threats related to this project – declared the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom.

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