“We can win the war but we need time and weapons.” And Draghi greets his wife Zelenska

Zelensky for months he has been leading the Ukrainian residence against the invasion of Russia from Putin. And in a video link to the UN general assembly a New York calls for a “just punishment” against Russian crimes. «Ukraine wants peace, the world wants peace, only one (Putin, ed.) Wants war and is happy with this war. It was not us who caused this war, there were 88 talks to avoid war, but Russia instead of stopping this crime of aggression has turned it into a full-scale invasion ”. The Ukrainian president received a standing ovation at the UN from all present, including the premier Mario Draghi. In his speech, Zelensky re-launched his request for a special court against crimes committed by Russians in his country and for compensation and asked the United Nations to deprive Russia of its veto right in the security council.

Putin, will mobilization work? “Unmotivated recruits and insufficient weapons, it’s a losing move”

“We can bring the flag of Ukraine back to the whole territory but we need time, support, weapons, defense systems and even financial support,” said Zelensky, also relaunching the proposal for a price cap on gas and Russian oil to contain the benefits that Moscow derives from expensive energy. A proposal also suggested and supported by Prime Minister Mario Draghi. The export of gas and oil financed the war, Zelensky recalled. “Limiting prices saves the world. But will the world take such a step? Or will he be afraid? »He asked.

The 5 conditions for peace

In his video speech to the UN General Assembly, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky listed a “formula for peace” which provides five “pre-conditions”. These include “punishing Russia for her crimes” through a “special court” and “depriving her of the right of veto to the Security Council”. Zelensky also called for the protection of the lives of his citizens, citing the recent Bucha and Izium massacres. The Ukrainian leader then indicated the restoration of security and territorial integrity, as well as having security guarantees (“neutrality is not in our formula”). Finally, Kiev’s determination to continue defending itself against Russian aggression.

Mario Draghi greets Olena Zelenska

Exchange of greetings between Olena Zelenska and Mario Draghi at the Glass Palace in New York, at the end of the speech in connection with the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at the UN General Assembly. The Ukrainian president’s wife wanted to thank Draghi for Italy’s support in Kiev and for the words spoken in the UN speech by the prime minister. In turn, Draghi reassured the Ukrainian first lady and confirmed Italy’s proximity to Kiev.

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