we cannot vaccinate the planet against COVID-19 every six months

Andrew Pollard, one of the makers of the coronavirus vaccine developed by the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca, said trying to vaccinate the entire world’s population every six months is impracticable.

“Rather than administering consecutive doses to everyone over the age of 12, focus should be on those particularly at risk,” added Pollard

– We cannot vaccinate the planet against COVID-19 every six months – emphasized the scientist in an interview published for the daily “The Telegraph”.More data is needed to determine ‘if, when, and how often will those at risk need an additional dose,’ added Pollard.

He concluded that it was not yet known whether a fourth dose of the vaccine was really needed, and that a decision should be made on such a vaccination campaign only after further studies.

Israel, meanwhile, has already started vaccinating with the fourth dose that all health workers and people over 60 can receive from Monday in the country. Also, the new German health minister, Karl Lauterbach, announced at the end of December that Germany “will need a fourth dose of the vaccine,” reminds Reuters.

Pollard, however, said in an interview that when it comes to the pandemic, “the worst is behind us” and that in order to get straight, the world “just needs to get through the winter”.

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