We celebrate the Virgo Fidelis – Il Golfo 24

Punctual and grateful, the Arma celebrates its almighty Patroness Virgo Fidelis. After having celebrated the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary on 8 September and four days later, on 12, the Feast of her Most Holy Name, imposed on her shortly after her birth, the Marian Cycle celebrates on this day the Presentation in the Temple of this admirable girl daughter of the Blessing of the Holy Trinity. Therefore Mary Most Holy, still a child and maiden, we contemplate her in her Presentation in the temple, in her life wholly of God, awaiting the fulfillment of her sublime destiny: the Immaculate Conception, the Tota Pulchra, the Virgin par excellence, wholly of God , in body and in spirit, she will become the Mother of the Son of God, Jesus true Man and true God, the Coredemptrix alongside the only Redeemer of the world, the Mother of the Church, also born in her Heart. Rightly so, on November 21 consecrated persons celebrate their feast with joy: to be with Mary, all of God to adore Him alone and to generate Christ Jesus in themselves and in souls. Ave Maria Virgo Fidelis and forward towards the Civilization of Love! Sunday 20 November we are at the end of the liturgical year with the 34th Sunday of the so-called “Ordinary Time”. The solemnity, which usually falls on the last ten days of November, is dedicated to Jesus Christ the King of the universe, thus underlining that Christ the Redeemer is the Lord of history, the beginning and the end of time.

The establishment of the feast was decided by Pope Pius XI with the Encyclical “Quas Primas” of 12.11.1925, in reparation for the blasphemous cry against Jesus, reported in the Gospels: “We have no other king but Caesar”. Christ is king but not according to the criteria and logic of this world. He himself says it to Pilate: “I am a king, but my kingdom is not of this world”, it is not like the kingdoms of this world. He is a king who serves, a king who gives life, a king lifted up, but on the cross that saves him. He is a king who by dying conquers death for all, and by forgiving all, opens his Paradise to all; a king who is not jealous of his kingship, but by welcoming his brothers in his forgiveness, makes them sharers in his kingdom, makes them “a kingdom of priests to his God and Father” (Rev 1:6 ). And he calls them to build as he did, following in his footsteps, living his Gospel, the Kingdom of life that has no end, the kingdom of Love, for everyone. With his second coming, Christ will recapitulate all things, making “new heavens and a new earth” (Rev 21:1), wiping away and consoling every tear of pain and forever banishing sin, death and all injustice from the earth (Magisterium official of the Church CCC 1042ff).

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