We dig into Trudy’s makeup bag and she reveals her biggest beauty secret

After recently releasing her debut album Go Solo, now the singer takes a giant step by going on stage at the Lasso festival. We took the opportunity to dig into Trudy Simoneau’s beauty bag, who revealed her favorite products!

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Everyone agrees that the singer has an undeniable musical gift, making us shiver every time with her angelic voice. The former reality TV winner, however, has another talent to her bow, that of creating immaculate makeup.

The model attracts all eyes with her mesmerizing blue eyes. She therefore plays with various beauty products to enhance them.

For daily luminous skin, the young woman swears by 8 essential products, which follow her in her beauty bag. With these products, the result is amazing, giving it a peach complexion.

Trudy took the opportunity to reveal her biggest beauty secret.

This one told us to have a skin “which has all the possible problems”, according to her words. She explained to us that her skin is hyper sensitive, prone to acne and rosacea. So, to be careful that her skin reacts as little as possible, she must choose products with good ingredients.

Trudy revealed her little discovery to us, which is in fact her beauty secret. She uses foundation seamless skin by Lisa Eldridge, a professional makeup artist who does beauty for artists like Dua Lipa.

According to Trudy, this product perfectly covers her face for a natural everyday look.

For the curious people of this world, the young woman let us rummage through her makeup bag!

Here are the 8 favorite products that are found in the singer’s beauty bag:

1. Dermo-lift corrective eye patch by Karine Joncas at Pharmaprix – $4


Impossible to have puffy eyes with these wonders that save us! These patches are small nuggets of gold according to the artist. She particularly likes to use them in the early morning, before a shooting photo.

2. Peace Out Acne Treatment Patches at Sephora – $26


The best thing on Earth, according to Trudy! These timbres are imperceptible, so you can even assume them in broad daylight.

3. Airbrush Concealer Vanish from Hourglass on Sephora – $49


Say goodbye to dark circles and blemishes! Trudty swears by this product, which she says is better than Nars’.

4. Mattifying powder Stay Matte from Rimmel on Amazon – $8


In order not to have shiny skin during her shows, the singer loves this product at a mini price which works miracles.

5. Sans-Façon Cosmétiques Blush Duo – $32


Quebec company favorite of many, Trudy is one of its followers!

6. 405 Lip Liner – Demure by Annabelle on Amazon – $5


This lip pencil is a real “dupe” of the famous liner Pillow Talk, by Charlotte Tilbury. The effect is the same, while the price is different! She adores him.

7. Maybelline the falsies mascara on Amazon – $8


While many praise mascara Telescopic of L’Oréal, Trudy has never won the effect that provides The Falsies by Maybelline. Doe eyes guaranteed!

8. Clarins Shade 16 Lip Enhancer – $26


The little extra touch to complete a natural look, with plumped lips? This is the only product you need!

So! Now you know how to copy her beauty look! Impossible to resist, we all want to add them to our basket.

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