“We got rid of the nightmare of the World Cup”. Rai’s flagship event seen as a burden

There are the convinced business people, the front ones and those who instead express their disappointment without brakes, even if this means going against the event that represents the biggest economic investment of the network you work for.

Monday Serena Bortone is back on the air with the traditional version of Today is another day, after weeks of racing against the clock and halving the duration. Adaptations accompanied by the modification of the title, with the addition of a ‘plus‘ to the title in order to create a separate appointment that avoids ratings falling on the seasonal average of the program.

It was also to reappear in the Rai1 schedule Ladies paradise, to the delight of the actor Emanuel Caserio, present in the studio. And it is to him that the presenter turned, joking, but not too much: “We had this World Cup nightmare, we got rid of it. Let’s be honest”.

The event seen as a burden, an encumbrance. Despite the approximately 170 million invested by Viale Mazzini (when Italy was still in high gear for qualifying for the tournament) and super ratings which – at least during matches – give away waves of shares between 30 and 50%.

That of Bortone, it must be said, was not the only dig at the competition in these twenty-five days. Suffice it to recall that eloquent “we won’t be on the air because of the World Cup” pronounced by Milly Carlucci when it came to announcing the one-week break of dancing with the Starswho had previously been called to the delayed start at 10pm and to an exceptional preview on Friday: “Dancer palimpsest – the landlady had commented – for the championships we are forced to make some adjustments”.

Highlighted sacrifices, in the midst of a perhaps a little too pronounced sincerity which, we can bet, would not have been revealed if the Azzurri had been in the match. The perception from home, therefore, is that of a World Cup transformed into a foreign body for someone, despite the Auditel numbers testify to an unchanged and immutable passion for football.

Then there is the Qatar effect to consider, which transferred a typically summer recurrence to the height of an intense and clogged television season.

Among so many bellyaches, on the contrary there are those who have adapted without batting an eye to the mini-revolution. Like Alberto Matanothat with Live life suffered several cuts or even entire cancellations: “I took it well – declared to Tv Talk Rai has made an important investment and I think it is right that public service viewers can benefit from the World Cup matches on Rai1. We will go on the air a few days less to do a service to the fans. And we’ll get some rest, too”.

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