We Have Come With a Beautiful Attractive Game Named “Dolphin Quest”.  

As everyone knows about Flappy Bird. I don’t think anyone left out there, who don’t know about Flappy Bird. If you don’t know, I’ll let you know. Flappy Bird is the most addictive mobile game ever of its time, but with the removal of Flappy Bird from our gaming life. Developers many times try to get over it and bring Flappy Bird again in the gaming industry, but it can’t be possible and they’ll not get the game back. As you all know time flies, and everyone has to fly with it. We have come with a beautiful attractive game named “Dolphin Quest“.

By listening ‘Dolphin’ the first thing comes in our mind. We are thinking the game might be underwater. Yes, the game is underwater for a searching of a long Quest. This shows we have a long adventure to enjoy the game. Now talking about the game, the game is fantastic at its level on comparing this type of game category.

Let’s talk about the playing experience, the game is very well presented and overall 2* good on playing, comparing with other games. The main menu of the game has gives a very good look. There are five options in the main menu. On the left top side, we have the store through which we can buy some of the beautiful amazing Dolphin Skins. In the middle, we have the play button to start the game. On the left side of the play button, we have a sound button and on the right side, we have a share button. This is all about the main menu.

Now talking about the game sound or you can say game tune. The tune is overall very satisfying, to have the better experience you can plug in earphones. Now let’s talk about, what’s in the store.

What’s In The ‘Store’

In the store, we have such beautiful amazing skins. There are a total of 10 skins, in which one is the default skin that is free, and the remaining 9 skins you’ll get by playing the game and collecting coins.

The Total Of 9 Skins Prices Are –

  • Santra Dolphin: is the default-free skins.
  • Super Dolphin: price 50 coins.
  • Bad Dolphin: price 50 coins.
  • Gold Dolphin: price 50 coins.
  • Spider Dolphin: price 100 coins.
  • King Dolphin: price 100 coins.
  • Lovely Dolphin: price 100 coins.
  • Iron Dolphin: price 100 coins.
  • Rich Dolphin: price 100 coins.
  • Theif Dolphin: price 200 coins.

That’s all about the game, go and play. Go get it from Play Store and On IOS the gaming is coming soon. And Also give your review on the game. Is there any changes Developers should make, what you guys have liked most about the game.

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