“We have different characters…”

Barbara Pravi is not just a singer. The artist was contacted by several directors including Josée Dayan. However, she has not forgotten her appearance at Eurovision and also took the opportunity to comment on that of La Zarra this year.

Barbara Pravi has come a long way since her appearance at Eurovision. But it must be said that the second place she won at the end of the competition was an advantageous showcase and opened many doors for her. A chance that Zarra, the representative of France in 2023, unfortunately did not have. The singer had nevertheless expressed all her motivation, before appearing on stage. The one who gave everything during her show was therefore unable to hide her disappointment by noting that she was only 16th out of 27 at the end of the votes. Her reaction also caused much more talk than her place in the rankings since she gave the camera a middle finger when she heard the news.

If the gesture caused controversy, Barbara Pravi does not want to enter the circuit of criticism. Interviewed on the character of La Zarra by Le Parisien this Monday, September 18, Barbara Pravi remained neutral: ” I’m no one to criticize her way of doing things, we don’t know what she’s going through, we have different characters. “Barbara Pravi was nevertheless convinced that the artist would inherit a better place in the ranking.

The ideal artist

Always at ParisianBarbara Pravi indicated that she thought that La Zarra had all the assets to rise to the top: “I thought she was a pretty perfect candidate, she has a great voice, and some…

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