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Selena Gomez arrives with a novelty that all fans have been waiting for: a documentary entirely dedicated to her. Mind & Me is the title of the film about her, directed by Alek Keshishian and available soon on Apple TV +.

Selena Gomez. Singer, producer, actress. Icon of fashion, style, businesswoman, reference point for the youngest minds and great talents ready to blossom. From the November 4thhis story, reflections and encounters from his brilliant career will be available thanks to Mind & Me: the documentary about her.

Unpublished stories, reports, interviews and many curiosities to draw the portrait and the experiences of a young woman who took off, despite the difficulties suffered from a very young age. More than 346,000,000 followers they observe her on Instagram while a few hours from here she publishes the trailer of the film on her profile. (You can see it here).

Selena Gomez film: first screening and when it comes out

As already attested on Deadline, the first world screening of the documentary on Selena Gomez: My Mind and Me will start the 36th AFI Fest on November 2nd. It will be released on Apple TV + on November 4th.

The first to feel honored for the big event is undoubtedly Bob Gazzalethe President and CEO of AFI:

“Selena is a global force in art and entertainment and we are honored to partner with her, Alek and Apple to illuminate her journey in this beautifully crafted celebration of optimism, vulnerability and hope.”

The AFI Fest will take place from 2 to 6 November. The documentary is an original Apple film, produced by Interscope Films and Lighthouse Management & Media.

The film is directed by the prestigious director of the 1991 documentary on Madonna Madonna: Truth of Dare, Alek Keshishian, who states his intentions and goals for the film:

“I had no interest in making a traditional pop documentary. I wanted to show something more authentic and so did Selena. He has a raw vulnerability that caught me… At the time, I had no idea it was going to become a six-year labor of love. “

Selena Gomez instagram: the star launches the trailer

Scenes of hope, success, sacrifice and brilliant climbs are just a taste of the new film about Selena Gomez. Mind & Me he will deepen all this through the film and will undoubtedly be able to touch those who follow the star.

In the post of the trailer of the film, published by the star for the public, a caption could not be missing:

“My Mind & Me.
We don’t get along sometimes and it gets hard to breathe…
But I wouldn’t change my life.
Out November 4 “

The artist herself seems to encourage the reader to go on, taking as an example what happens with herself and placing the accent on the words: “Sometimes we don’t get along and it becomes difficult to breathe … But I wouldn’t change my life”.

What is the documentary about?

But what will the focus of the film be? The documentary focuses on the most human and raw part of Selena Gomez’s life and tries to shed light on her most difficult moments of hers. Among all, we remember the cancellation of his Revival due to problems caused by his mental health, kidney transplant to fight lupus and living with bipolar disorder.

The description of the documentary on Apple TV explains:

“After years in the spotlight, Selena Gomez achieves unimaginable success. But just as she is about to hit a new stardom peak, an unexpected twist pulls her into obscurity. “

Fans do nothing but thank the star for her ongoing commitment to raise awareness of mental health issues. Moreover, the majority can only acknowledge the merit of having taken a more than positive turn, which gave her life only a turning point, between bright moments, ascent and resourcefulness. For today’s Selena Gomez, much less frightened and small than yesterday’s, there is a redemption, a revenge, a hope. And there is the mission, the teaching that she wants to pass on to all her fans: take care of yourself.

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