We know the date of payment of back-to-school allowance

This year, the amount of the back-to-school allowance has been increased by 5.6% compared to summer 2022.

The summer holidays haven’t even started yet we already have to think about the start of the school year. The Solidarity Ministry announced on Tuesday 11 July that many families expect the back-to-school allowance (ARS) to be paid on 16 August in France as well as in most overseas departments.

But in Réunion and Mayotte, where the school year starts on August 17 and 23 respectively, the allowance will be paid on August 1.

Increased volume in Mayotte

The amount has been increased by 5.6% as compared to the premium paid in the summer of 2022. This year, the amount of the ARS ranges from 398.09 to 434.61 euros, depending on the age of the child. 398.09 euro For children 6 to 10 years old, €420.05 for children aged 11 to 14, and €434.61 For teenagers aged 15 to 18. In Mayotte, where the cost of living is much higher than in France, these amounts increase to approx. two euros,

It is used to pay for school supplies for children, especially as part of the back-to-school period. This allocation will affect approx. three crore familiesThe ministry said, or five million children in the age group of 6 to 18 years, attending school or learning in any public or private establishment, are concerned.

However, this assistance is subject to the limitation of resources, viz. 25,775 Euro per year for the dependent child, plus 5,948 Euros per additional dependent child.

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