We know the first PS Plus game for December 2021?

Soon, as part of the PS Plus subscription, free games will appear for December 2021. It is possible that we just got to know the first title.

PlayStation Pus is a subscription service that allows you to play against rivals from around the world online. But that’s not all, as your subscription allows you to enjoy free games distributed by Sony. Although the Japanese giant has accustomed us to sharing hit productions, recently the PS Plus offer for November 2021 has made players a bit angry.

We get to know many games long before they appear in the official announcement, and it is possible that we just got to know the first title from the PS Plus offer for December 2021. Heavenly Bodies is expected to hit PS Plus in December, which premiere is scheduled for December 7. Guess when the PS Plus offer is activated every month? Exactly on the first Tuesday of each month – in this case it falls exactly on December 7th.

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The Japanese manufacturer does not reveal anything officially, but the intense promotion, as well as the inability to pre-order the game, may mean that the title will go to PS Plus soon. The probability is additionally increased by the fact that the game does not belong to the AAA segment, and games that have recently appeared on PS Plus often abound in more niche productions.

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