We know the location of the Bill Gates nuclear power plant

Bill Gates’ TerraPower company will build its first advanced nuclear reactor in Kemmerer, a coal town in Wyoming.

  • TerraPower is working on the Natrium reactor project with the energy company Warren Buffett
  • The US government has agreed to allocate $ 1.9 billion to this project. TerraPower will spend 2 billion
  • At the peak of the project’s development, Gatesa’s company will need around 2,000 sq m. construction workers
  • More such information can be found on the main page of Onet.pl

The power plant will cost $ 4 billion, with half of the funding coming from the US government, reports Reuters. TerraPower wants to cut the costs of its future nuclear power plants to $ 1 billion, reports CNBC.

TerraPower, Bill Gates’ nuclear power company, has selected the city of Kemmerer in western Wyoming as the preferred location for its first advanced nuclear power plant.

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