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Last May, Cyril Hanouna took advantage of the set of TPMP to share his anger. At issue this time? He had just learned that a report on him, his universe and his methods was currently being prepared by Further investigationthe famous program of France 2.

I will tell you the truth. You will see, this “Complementary investigation”, they will do it, and that will be the end of this program behindhe assured, his teeth clenched, visibly reluctant to see his secrets come to light. I’m going to stick my nose in it, and you know when I stick my nose in, I usually blow it all up!

Hanouna ready to go to war against Further investigation ?

A statement in the form of a thinly veiled threat that shocked everyone at the time, and to which the host has finally come back. Invited this Thursday, August 31 on Franceinfo to tease the return to school Do not touch My TV on September 4, Cyril Hanouna – who recently recruited… the former presenter of Further investigationindeed explained that he did not actually mean what he said and that, on the contrary, he was on good terms with the team of the show.

I met the journalist with whom we got along very well, Virginie. And I saw her outside again, she follows me wherever I am, I’m very happyhe assured with a smile. It’s true that I got along very well with her. Even her, she realizes that there are a lot of fantasies around me. Frankly, it’s going very well with them“. He then added it, more serene: “We went for a drink, we talked. So far it’s going well, they’re doing their investigation.

Also, he promised, nothing will happen to the France 2 team once the subject is broadcast on the air: “It was a bit of a valve. I said it was going to create so much buzz that I hope we’ll celebrate the Complément d’Enquête hearings the next day, all together.“.

Tristan Waleckx’s pressure shot

A development as unexpected as it is astonishing which did not go unnoticed. On the contrary, Tristan Waleckxthe famous journalist who takes care of interviewing the personalities concerned by the various reports of the show, known for never hesitating to get into them, immediately reached out for a reconciliation on his own set.

Phew Cyril Hanouna, if it was “a little” a valve, we are “a little” reassuredhe initially quipped, before putting a nice pressure on him. And since Complément d’Enquête likes to dispel fantasies (when they exist), the red armchairs are always waiting for you. Do you have provisions?

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