“We must be prepared”: Draghi’s plan to avoid the war economy

The summit of Versailles among the Heads of State “it was a success, I have rarely seen the EU so compact“, said the premier Mario Draghi to journalists at the press conference. The hot topic concerned the discussion on the insufficiency of raw materials, including theagro-food. If the situation with Russia but also with other European countries determined to suspend exports worsens, “it will be necessary to import from other countries, such as the USA, Canada or Argentina“. This new situation determines the need to reconsider the entire regulatory system and”this argument can be found on state aid, on the Stability Pact. There is a conviction that the Commission must temporarily revisit the rules that have accompanied us over the years“, underlined Draghi.

Ukraine in the EU?

Willingness but utmost caution among EU leaders to annex Ukraine to the Union: availability is great “by many“but at the same time it is registered”considerable caution on the part of still others“on the accession of Kiev. The Italian premier explained that the rules for entering are very precise and require a “long period of structural reforms“. A message of encouragement, of help to Zelensky and his people would be appropriate but”it is also necessary to respect what others say“, underlines the premier, implying that not everyone would agree on a possible annexation of Ukraine.

“It is not a war economy”

As far as the situation is concerned economic is becoming more and more critical, Draghi says that we need to prepare “but it is by no means a war economy. I have seen some exaggerated alarms“. The verb means to move and direct the sources of supply towards new commercial realities to avoid ending up with water in the throat.”Preparing does not mean that this should happen otherwise we would already be in a rationing phase“. Certainly, adds the premier, there will have to be a European response if the economy were to weaken because it will not be possible to rely exclusively on the national budget. From here, however, a positive note was said: the performance of the Italian economy over the year. last “it was nothing short of exceptional“and the Italian economy enters this year”with a high, very high growth acquisition and we are able to face an economic slowdown and reach the end of the year with another good growth figure“, he added.

The gas problem

The sanctions against Russia are very heavy but have been adopted by everyone without hesitation. They may be even heavier but you have to be aware that they already have “an impact on households and businesses and, above all, on the maintenance of their production“, specified Draghi during the press conference from Versailles, adding that if this situation is addressed it has the potential to”fracture the EU economic system by pushing it towards protectionism“. On the problem of gas coststhen, there was a suggestion to introduce a ceiling on the price even if it is “a complex topic“. There are already several opinions on this and the Commission will present a report on”how to decrease the contagion from gas to the rest of the electricity“.

Hence the need to focus everything on renewables considered “the only way to count on in the long run, but more needs to be done to visibly increase investment in this area“. As for the taxation of extra-profits of electricity companies due to the jump in energy prices, it is”certainly a source to watch out for“: according to the estimates of the European Commission, such a measure would generate revenues that could reach 200 billion euros in Europe.

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