“We must do everything possible for the refugees”

Not only are Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively fighting for Ukraine but now, too Angelina Jolie has taken the field in defense of the rights of refugees who are trying to save themselves from this infamous conflict caused by Russia.

And just like her colleagues, the Eternals star has chosen social networks for express their closeness to the Ukrainian people. In the long post published in the past few hours we read:

“Like many of you, I am praying for the people in Ukraine. My goal, together with my UNHCR colleagues, is to do everything possible to ensure the protection and basic human rights of displaced persons and refugees in the region. We have already had reports of victims e people who have started fleeing their homes for safety. It is too early to know what will happen, but the significance of this moment, for the Ukrainian people and for the international rule of law, cannot be underestimated. “

With another post then, Angelina Jolie invited her fans and followers to support the UNHCRposting another video of Ukrainian refugees on the Moldovan border: “Verified
More than 50,000 people fled Ukraine in less than 48 hours. My UNHCR colleagues sent this video from Moldova, on the border with Ukraine. “

In these hours, among other things, there is an explicit request for a boycott of Russian cinema by the Ukrainians. The EU and the entire international community have been asked not to subsidize any more Russian productions nor to welcome them to international events.

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