“We need an extraordinary commissioner to manage migrants”: Salvini’s proposal

Before leaving Lampedusa, Matteo Salvini took stock of his visit to the island, bent for weeks under the weight of continuous landings of irregular migrants that make the management of the hotspot complicated. The chaos of recent weeks is emblematic of the mismanagement of the left of an issue that needs to be tackled seriously, not with the yardstick of do-goodness at all costs so dear to a certain political party. “We are developing the idea a Special Commissioner that comes from the Army to manage the flows, controls so as not to burden only the police headquarters and prefectures“explained Matteo Salvini during a press point.

The League Secretary continued: “I wish the reception professionals had seen the 2-year-old children on the ground, at 40 degrees, pregnant women, unworthy scenes. They would be ashamed. This is not the welcome that a Civil country can and must guarantee“. At the moment, Salvini explains,”I have no names for the extraordinary commissioner, but I was thinking of the experience of Figliuolo at the national level and of Bertolaso ​​at the Lombard level. When you cut red tape and intermediate steps and you only have one person, it’s easier“.

The solution is not to fill Italy with centers for immigrants. I don’t understand the opening of a reception center in Pantelleria, it means saying ‘Come on there is room for everyone’“, adds the leader of the League referring to the latest initiative of the Interior Ministry to deal with the critical situation of the other Sicilian island besieged by landings. Last year in Pantelleria landed 2500 in all, this year there are already 2500 migrants who landed on the island, even with kayaks, as happened in the last few hours. An unsustainable situation, which is added to those of Lampedusa and all the other landing points, considering that since the beginning of the year they have been in all over 40 thousand landings in our country: “When we return to the government, immigration will once again be a controlled phenomenon and dammed“.

On the same wavelength there is Giorgia Meloniwho in an interview aired at Studio Aperto explained that in his opinion the story of the landings “must face upstream, with what we call naval blockade, which is nothing more than a European mission, to be agreed with the EU institutions, to negotiate together with Libya the possibility of stopping the boats at departure, the opening of the hotspot, the assessment in Africa of who has the right to be a refugee and who is an illegal immigrant“.

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