“We need to stop complaining and start doing things that have a real impact.”

Miriam GonzalezInternational lawyer and founder of the organization motivational girlsPresented the project yesterday in Madrid Spain better A citizens’ movement that intends to promote and implement public policy proposals outside of any political party. “You have to stop wasting time complaining and use it to do things that have real social impact,” he explained in a presentation for This Shuttle for New Ideas.

spain best It is a channel for participation and seeks to contribute in raising the ambition of the country. “This is a project in which everyone who has an idea and wants to work on it fits in because it is open to everyone,” he explained. bertelsmann space, In the center of Madrid.

The idea was born last summer in Seville, when Miriam Gonzalez, Beatriz Becerra and Begona Lucena, The three founders of the project stood in front of a blank slate and began to shape the initiative.

Today he has a large team of associates. He commented, “The people who have said yes are because of the polarization in Spain, the political noise and the desire to focus on the solution.” He said, “There is no job here, there is no place for ego. We are a startup and we will remain a startup.”

Gonzalez was accompanied by friends, colleagues and her husband at the presentation, Nick Clegg, former Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and current Chair of Global Affairs at META. “I have always been linked to Spain, but I have lived in many countries,” said the lawyer. “Spain is a place where you work well and where you work a lot, but we have not been able to increase productivity and we do not have the per capita income that we should have”, moreover, he assured , there are problems that must be circumstantial and have taken root such as unemployment, drought or school failure.

Gonzalez, who has worked in some of the best international law firms, both British and American, is also the founder of Inspiring Girls, an association present in over 30 countries that seeks to raise the professional ambition of girls. A good start spain best has taken many by surprise, although his interest in politics was revealed with the publication of his book give me back the power

“Why do you do this, many people ask me? The answer is simple. Because I am tired of complaining and having to accept that a country that has the potential to be among the greats is not .

In his opinion, in Spain we have fallen into “political inertia”, but the situation is reversible. “You don’t have to form a new political party, but do it on partisanship, thoroughly, taking advantage of all the talent, wherever it comes from.”

is the first project of spain best Happen suppose, An initiative focused on young people, “abandoned great and great stereotypes of Spanish politics,” he said this week Miriam Gonzalez In an article published in detail. Only 4% of Spaniards under the age of 25 attain emancipation. The purchasing power of a young person in Spain today is 22.6% less than in 2008.

spain best It will focus on five areas: how to increase the country’s productivity; how to provide quality and competitive education; how to take advantage of our natural resources without destroying them; how to use technology to improve governance; and how to modernize the political system.

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