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You woke up last week thinking, “I’m going to play basketball today.”
I had a little work scheduled for 5 or 6 that day and just wanted to do a little practice with my friend Teddy before. We headed down Houston Street and at 6th Avenue we started playing one on one. That’s when Adam Sandler appeared on the pitch. Honestly, I wasn’t even surprised to see it, because I had seen it here before. I gave him a friendly pat on the fist and said, “Hey big fan, nice to meet you,” then went back to my game. On the other side of the pitch, he was warming up with another guy, but eventually he came to us. I looked at Teddy and thought, “Amazing, that’s Adam Sandler!” We then started a two against two match: him and his partner on one side, Teddy and me on the other.

Sandler didn’t know the other?
He didn’t know him. He loves playing with random people in New York. I think it’s so cool that he walks around without a bodyguard. He is very approachable. So we played a game, Teddy and I won, and then Adam was like, ‘Well, before we start the next game, I have a friend coming, so let’s wait for him and we can play three on three. ”. Another guy had just arrived. I was expecting to see an older person, but definitely not a high profile celebrity. It was then that Timothée Chalamet entered the field.

Timothée arrives with a brand new pair of shoes and begins to lace them up. Here we are in a three-on-three match: on one side, him, Adam Sandler and another guy, and on the other, Teddy, myself and another person. The first thing I said to Timothée was “big fan”, because Teddy and I went to LaGuardia, the same high school as him. This immediately created a bond between us. So I said, “Hey, LaGuardia guys!” It was fun to see how he presented himself. Timothée Chalamet, a name known to all, and yet he simply said: “What’s beautiful? I am Timothy”, in a very simple way. They are not expected to present themselves this way.

We played three games, all of which were competitive and fun. Adam Sandler is very physical, he uses his elbows a lot. I think the first thing he said before he started playing was, ‘Well, you guys look really fast, so I’m going to make a lot of mistakes on my side.’ He uses his body really, I don’t mean violently, but he likes to pull you back.

Has there been any trashtalk ?
It was easier to trashtalk Adam Sandler than Timothée Chalamet. Adam was playing very physically. Timothée was content to play and did not leave the game. But yes, there were contacts and “Get out of there!”

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