We verify the result of the Górnik Zabrze – Legia Warszawa match

The queue was weird. There was a red card for the substitute player for hitting the opponent in the face (Balić), there was a red card in the 24th second of the match … But there was also some controversy. And we have to verify the result from Zabrze, because one of the goals for Górnik should not fall.

And we mean a goal at 2-0. The action of the hosts was very nice, we appreciate. The problem is that the whole attack started with Wiśniewski’s foul on Mladenovic.

This is not an ordinary fight for the ball that is won by the stronger one. Górnik’s stopwatch places his hand on the Serb’s face / neck before reaching the ball. With an illegal play, he made it easier (or maybe even made it possible) to gain possession of the ball. Why didn’t VAR react? Probably due to the fact that on the cart they decided that it was not a situation of “clear and obvious errors”. But for us there is a foul – we’re taking that goal from Górnik.

Luquinhas and Wiśniewski clashed twice in Górnik’s penalty area. Was Legia lime due for any of these clashes?

In our opinion – no. First there is a gentle rubbing against the knee, and then literally running the heel against the edge of the visitors’ helper’s foot. Yes, we see contact in both situations. But not all contact is a fault. In both cases, it is difficult to see any contact that would cause a fall. Neither of these situations is a reckless attack. There is no substituted leg here, there is no classic stamp. More Luquinhas looks for a foul here than Wiśniewski actually fouls him.

We verify the result at 2: 2, take two points from Górnik and pass one to Legia.

Should Banaszak have left earlier?

We answer right away – yes, it should.

Not every red card foul must follow a leg attack. Here we have an extremely dangerous attack. It’s not like two guys jumping to a ball, one accidentally hitting the other in the head, and they both fall to the ground. Here we have Grzybek during a light jump, playing the ball, winning the duel. And we have Banaszak, who runs fast, runs late and knocks out his opponent with great force. Yes, Banaszaka probably also had a headache after that hit. And yes – eventually he was fired from the field, so we include this lack of a red card only in the column “the referee helped / harmed”, without affecting the result.

And from this match we still have Tekijaski’s red card from the first minute.

We recently had similar situations in the derby of Krakow and the match between Jagiellonia and Radomiak. Let us emphasize – similar. Because here is the obvious DOGSO. The ball is under control, a move towards the goal, close to the central lane of the pitch, without the possibility of protection by someone from the defending team. Tekijaski made a mistake with the buttons on the pad, he lost the ball, he instinctively fouled. Ace of hearts.

Butcher’s hunt

Fouls are one of the elements of football. Sometimes someone will be late, sometimes someone just has to stop the action. But Jakub Rzeźniczak decided that he would try to hunt Jayson Papeau, who had passed him easily a moment earlier.

The Frenchman plays the ball, and the Rzezniczak, evidently rude, long after playing (it can also be seen from where the ball is in this screenshot) is mounted shoulder to his back. Clear yellow card. Some have asked for a red one, but no, this is not the case. Considering that at the end of the match, Wisła’s stopwatch was finally admonished, and that would be his second card, we note it in the columns “the referee helped / harmed”, without affecting the result.

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