we want to start a nuclear reactor on the moon

NASA’s manned mission to the Moon will be slightly delayed and will take place in 2025 at the earliest, which does not change the fact that Americans are already drawing plans for the permanent presence of their astronauts on the Silver Globe. And in the long run, also on Mars. Of course, a key element of such initiatives will be the sources of energy available to people living outside the Earthamong which nuclear energy can play a prominent role.

NASA has just announced that it is launching a new initiative with the US Department of Energy in which it will work with private companies to creatures nuclear reactorthat could be tested on the moon within 10 years.

The concept of nuclear reactors on Mars

Photo: NASA

The concept of nuclear reactors on Mars

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The agency emphasizes that the reactor must be capable of autonomous operation on board a lunar lander or rover and should generate at least 40 KW of electricity, which will allow it to power 30 households for 10 years. NASA adds that such a lunar nuclear generator will also help meet the agency’s other goal of designing a nuclear-powered engine, thanks to which the human journey to Mars would be much shorter than with the use of currently available drives.

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