We will face huge increases in electricity prices from 2022? “We estimate that the increases will be double-digit”

The increase in electricity prices from January 1, 2022 is almost certain. “We are in the process of correspondence with enterprises, so it is premature to indicate what level of prices or rates the President of the Energy Regulatory Office deems ultimately justified,” said Magdalena Dąbrowska from the Social Communication Department of the Energy Regulatory Office on TVN24.

Minister of State Assets Jacek SasinIncreases in gas and electricity prices. Jacek Sasin: The companies will not take it upon themselves

Increases in energy prices from 2022 “double-digit”

As she explained, all tariff proceedings regarding energy prices for household consumers and distribution fees for 2022 “are in progress” and “we plan to publish new prices and rates on December 17 this year.” – she announced.

“At this stage, I can say that we estimate that the increases in electricity prices from January 1, 2022 will be double-digit,” the representative of the Energy Regulatory Office told TVN24.

In turn, analysts of the Polish Economic Institute forecast that electricity prices for households in 2022 will increase by 12%. “The decision is made on the basis of the costs of energy generation and distribution. The largest price increases are related to charges for CO2 emissions and indirectly the increase in the cost of coal. Press comments indicate that energy companies want to apply for a 20-30% tariff increase.” – we read in the report.

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Mateusz MorawieckiThe Prime Minister’s words will not stop the fall of the zloty. Investors are withdrawing capital

The government presented an anti-inflationary shield. It will lower the excise tax on electricity

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki presented the anti-inflation shield during the press conference on Thursday (November 25). It assumes a number of actions aimed at lowering the prices of fuels, electricity, gas and food. The goal of this shield is lower inflation.

One of the elements of the anti-inflationary shield is the reduction of the excise tax on electricity. – We completely abolish the excise tax on electricity. There will be more funds in the pockets of the citizens. PLN 10 billion package, a package consisting of tax cuts. As we have implemented the covid shield, we will implement the anti-inflationary shield – assured the Prime Minister.

You can read more about the anti-inflationary shield in the article: Morawiecki announced an anti-inflationary package. The government will lower the prices of fuel, energy and gas. There will be food subsidies

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