We will reach 1 million cases and 50 thousand deaths in the next few days, says WHO


The director-general of the World Health OrganizationWHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, have expressed concern at the rapid advance of the global coronaviruses. At a news conference in Geneva, Switzerland, the head of the authority said that in the next few days, the number of cases of the disease, must reach the mark of 1 million and 50 thousand deaths.

“Over the past five weeks, we have seen an increase in the participation in the volume of new cases, with nearly all of the countries, territories and areas,” he said.

Tedros pointed out that it was the first pandemic of the coronavirus, the behavior of the covid-19 is still unknown. “We’ve been working hard with researchers all over the world, and to generate evidence about which drugs are most effective in the treatment of this disease,” he said.

The doctor in ethiopia showed that there is a study on the effectiveness of the use of masks. The WHO recommends the use of the item is only for the infected individuals, or those who are taking care of the patients. However, the masks are only effective if they are combined with other protective measures,” he said.

The chief executive officer of the Organization, Michael Ryan, has reminded us that there is still no evidence-based therapy against the disease, and that, therefore, it is necessary to be careful in the use of the drug, which has not yet been studied. He also called on countries to adopt comprehensive policies to contain it, so that you don’t need to keep changing the guidelines every day. According to Ryan, the quarantine may not be the only cause of action against the virus.

The impacts in South America, and Africa

The director-general of WHO, said a pandemic of a new coronavirus have serious consequences for the countries of South America, Central Africa, and it has been argued that these countries are fully equipped to be able to identify the largest possible number of cases of infected people.

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“The coronavirus is going to have a serious impact on the social, economic and political conditions in South America and west Africa,” said Tedros Adhanom, stressed that the world’s top 1 million in tainted, and less than 50 thousand dead in the next couple of days. “We need to make sure that those countries, to detect, test, isolate and treat these cases by identifying those contacts with infected people”. In the cases of the coronavirus have more than doubled in the last week or so.

Tedros Adhanom pointed out that many countries are finding that their people will be in the house, and will reduce the movement of which is limited to the transmission of the virus, but it has consequences for the poorest people. “I’ve asked the governments to the governments to implement the measures of social well-being and to ensure that the vulnerable members of the population ?? They have food and other essential items during this crisis.”

The director, WHO recalled that the indian prime minister, Narendra Modi, has announced a package of$ 24 billion, including a free meal of up to 800 million people. The project determines the transfer of the money to the 204 million from the women, the poor, and the free supply of cooking gas to over 80 million households in the next 3 months.

“Many of the developing countries, will fight for the implementation of programs for the well-being of a social nature. For these countries, debt relief is essential in order for them to be able to take care of his people, and to prevent the economic collapse”.

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Tedros pointed out that there are still a lot of uncertainties, and that the whole world is in the process of learning everyday. “This is the first pandemic of the coronavirus to the world, and its nature is unknown as of yet. It is for this reason that you need to be in the ‘mode of learning’”. He asked again for the solidarity and international co-operation, not only for the health of the public, but to deal with the effects of social and economic issues which many countries are faced with.

Jair bolsonaro

When asked about the statements of the president, Jair, jair bolsonaro on the measures for the containment of coronavirus, the commander WHO was silent and nodded for the chief executive officer of the authority, Michael Ryan, to answer your question. Ryan has not cited jair bolsonaro, has urged the country to adopt a policy of “open-ended” against the pandemic, and to build their health care systems.

At the opening of the conference, Tedros acknowledged that, although it may slow down the transmission of the virus and the measures of social isolation can have unintended consequences for the poor. “Urged the government to implement social programmes to ensure that vulnerable people are food and other essentials during a crisis,” he said.

The director-general of the Organization, pointed out that social and economic factors need to be taken into account in the resolution of the hiv pandemic, especially in developing countries. “For these countries, the stress of debt is essential in order to enable them to take care of their own people, and to avoid economic collapse,” he said.

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