Weaker anticyclone and rain prospects but not for everyone, here is the trend for the beginning of November «3B Meteo

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A slight deceleration of the polar vortex could cause the perturbed Atlantic flow to do something wider ripple that it may also be able to involve the Mediterranean. A little wave within which, according to the models, it would be able to find space low pressure able to carry more abundant rains on our Peninsula in the second part of the week. We speak of course of a trend as the period exceeds the fateful 5 days standard of medium-high reliability. The days under the lens are essentially that of 4 and 5 Novemberbut let’s see what could happen.

After a weekend and a week start characterized by indecisive attacks from the Atlantic perturbations with some isolated rain in the Center North between day 1 and day 2, the day of 3 would see a pulse of cooler north Atlantic currents to be able to better enter Western Europe and reach at the end of the day the westernmost sectors of the Peninsula. The transit of the front would take place in the day of 4 with a greater involvement of the central regions and only in part of the North, especially in Liguria and Emilia Romagna. The front would then migrate southwards, losing energy due to a higher baric field. The rains would lead to a drop in temperature, which has already begun on All Saints’ Day. It is not worth giving more details for one trend which, as specified above, given the time distance it will necessarily have to be re-examined in the light of upcoming updates. Always follow us.

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