Wear OS is still dead, and no update has changed that

A few months ago, Google and Samsung announced gigantic changes in Wear OS. The system has been updated to version 3.0, but only on Samsung devices. On watches from other companies, Wear OS is still dead because it’s based on the old version.

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A different approach from Google and Samsung

In fact, the upgrade to Wear OS 3.0 was the biggest in the history of this system. Combining Google’s efforts with Samsung has meant big changes for the platform that visually resembles Tizen a bit – a system for the Korean giant’s smartwatches. This system worked much better than Wear OS, but it was poor in features. I’m not surprised that Samsung wanted a change as it hit the ceiling with its platform, further improvements required drastic moves and it did.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4

This is very good for the customers as the two companies have had different approaches to their systems. Google updated the platform without announcing any major changes. Wear OS was neglected by the company – lethargy was visible here, the system worked terrible, the applications often did not work, and the fluidity left a lot to be desired.

A different approach was presented by Samsung, which opted for a simple system, the smooth operation of which can be combined next to Apple’s watchOS. Samsung tried to update the system, but there was not much that could be improved here.

Wear OS is dead

Wear OS has been considered “dead” by many observers for a long time. Despite the fact that Google has made a lot of progress in the development of Wear OS in recent months. On the other hand, many questions still arise, e.g. how often will it receive updates? What about 3rd party updates? What happened to the Google Assistant in Wear OS?

These are all the questions that will have to be answered in the end, but for now Google is silent which seems disturbing. I am particularly surprised by the fact that there is no update to Wear OS 3.0 for Fossil or Mobvoi watches. Due to this fact, Wear OS is still dead, because the latest version (which is the only “usable” version) is only available on Samsung smartwatches. The introduction of the update in the second half of 2022 is a completely meaningless term.

the new Wear OS is dead

Another problem is the lack of Google Assistant – a feature that many watch users are waiting for. It is this possibility that makes smartwatches more “smart”. I have the impression that Google rushed with the launch of the platform, which resulted in a slightly underdone and exclusive cutlet, available only on some plates.

Currently We also do not know what the “stock” version of Wear OS 3 looks like. We can only judge what Samsung showed in the Galaxy Watch4. However, we know that the Korean giant has placed the One UI overlay there. Therefore, it is not fully known what pure Wear OS 3.0 can look like on Mobvoi or Fossil smartwatches.

There may be reasons why Google is silent on Wear OS. Based on what has happened in the past, this does not bode well for this system. Google should start taking the platform more seriously.

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