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Heavy thunderstorms are coming between Wednesday and Thursday

ATLANTIC SACK ON WEST EUROPE. An Atlantic sack will deepen in the next 48 hours towards France and the Iberian Peninsula, eroding the anticyclone and piloting a disturbance that will also reach Italy. Its effects will be noticed already during Wednesday with a deterioration of the weather in the Northwest, where the first showers and thunderstorms will arrive during the day, also tending to become strong and slowly extend eastward. A very short distance will follow a second disturbed pulse on Thursday which will determine a resurgence of instability in the North, with storms, including violent ones, and phenomena extending to part of the central regions. The South will not be involved, always under the protection of the anticyclone. The Atlantic sack will also trigger an upwelling of very hot currents from North Africa which they will determine a significant increase in temperatures in the Center-South. In detail:

Weather 17-18 August
Weather 17-18 August

WEDNESDAY RAIN AND TEMPORALS ARRIVING NORTH. The winds will come from the southeast and a hot Scirocco will intensify which will cause temperatures to rise, but will also accompany a perturbation arriving from France which will reach the Northwest regions. This will determine rains and thunderstorms from the afternoon that will extend to Lombardy and Trentino and west Veneto by evening. The phenomena may also be strong on the western Alpine areas and in the vicinity of them, with possible hailstorms and storms in Piedmont. On the other hand, conditions of stability will be maintained in the rest of Italy, with intense heat and peaks of even 38/40 ° C on the major islands.

THURSDAY STORM IN THE NORTH AND PART OF THE CENTER, VERY HOT IN THE SOUTH. During the night, the first impulse arrived on Wednesday will still affect Lombardy and Triveneto with thunderstorms, even violent, but attenuating from the west. A second impulse will cause a resurgence of same-day instability with rains and thunderstorms extending from the Northwest to the Northeast and also with violent phenomena accompanied by local hailstorms and storms in the Po Valley. With the passing of the hours the disturbance will push up to Tuscany, upper Lazio, Umbria, upper Marche and northern Sardinia, albeit with irregularly distributed phenomena. On the rest of Italy, on the other hand, the sun will continue to prevail, albeit obscured by veils and high stratifications in the central regions. Temperatures will drop in the North and in Tuscany, even significantly, while they will increase again in the South, where locally it may even exceed 40 ° C. The sirocco winds will gradually be replaced by the mistral winds, which will strengthen on the western basins.

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Even in conditions of high pressure, in the height of summer, thunderstorms can suddenly form and surprise us, short, localized but sometimes intense: they are the so-called ‘heat storms’ and are more likely between late afternoon and early evening.

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