Weather forecast Livorno, on 24 and 25 September yellow weather alert

The functional room of the regional civil protection has issued a yellow alert for thunderstorms and hydrogeological hydraulic risk of the minor network starting from 12 noon tomorrow, Saturday 24 September, until 2 pm on Sunday. According to forecasts, in fact, from the end of Saturday morning, rainfall is expected initially in the north-western areas, in the afternoon to extend to the remaining areas of the region, in particular to the central areas and the central southern coast. In the evening the precipitations will take on a prevalent thunderstorm character. Abundant cumulative averages are expected with high or very high maximums in conjunction with the strongest thunderstorms.

The Municipality also makes it known that “given the current spatial-temporal uncertainty of the expected phenomena, with the issue of the criticality assessment bulletin on Saturday 24 September, the possibility of switching to the orange code for the same risks and scenarios is not excluded. today valued in yellow “.

How to behave in case of heavy rain

In the event of critical warnings or weather warnings, it is advisable to raise the level of normal prudence and to follow the instructions provided by the civil protection of the Municipality, the information channels on traffic conditions and the evolution of weather conditions via radio, TV, websites institutional web. In case of heavy rain or thunderstorms it is also advisable to observe the following precautions:

  • Avoid crossing flooded roads and underpasses if they appear flooded as the depth and speed of the water may be greater than what appears.
  • The force of the precipitation could cause the drain plugs to come out of their seat: pay attention to circulation even on roads that are not very flooded.
  • Be careful to walk the streets where the water has receded as there may be dangers.
  • Avoid passing or stopping along the banks of waterways, and over bridges and walkways.
  • Place barriers to prevent water from flooding rooms below street level, such as cellars and underground garages

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