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Ferragosto weather

WARM ANTICYCLONE IN CENTRAL EUROPE AND CURRENTS FROM THE NORTHEST ON THE MEDITERRANEAN. From the second part of the next week the anticyclone will try to extend towards central-northern Europe, leaving the Mediterranean partly exposed to more unstable currents from the Northeast. Northern Italy should remain involved in this anticyclonic comeback with mostly stable weather and warmer gradually more intense starting from Friday 12, except for sporadic thunderstorms. The Center-South, on the other hand, would remain on the edge of the anticyclonic blanket and subject to the flow from the northeast, responsible for greater storm instability, albeit alternating with sunny phases, and lower heat.

NEXT WEEKEND TREND AUGUST 13-14. With these premises too the next weekend could be characterized by mostly stable conditions in the North and a rather warm climate, except for some diurnal variability in the Alpine areas. Our southern regions, on the other hand, would remain struggling with residual inflows of relatively cooler north-eastern currents, responsible for less declining climate and weather sometimes more unstable, with thunderstorms scattered not only on inland areas, but also on coastal stretches and with partial involvement of Central Italy.

FERRAGOSTO AND FOLLOWING DAYS TREND. Even the beginning of the new week and the day of Ferragosto could continue in a fairly similar way. The warm anticyclone would remain in the heart of the continent extending its influence southward to our northern regions. On the other hand, the inflow of less warm north-eastern currents could still remain in action on the central Mediterraneanpartially involving the South. The above still remains a trend line which, given the temporal distance, could undergo even substantial changes. The forecast is therefore far from definitive, as ever in these days we advise you to follow the next updates.

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