Weather: with the October summer temperatures also in the North – Chronicle

In Sicily and Sardinia 31 degrees, 27 also in the dolomitic valley bottoms, warm seas in the South with water at 24-26 degrees, prevailing sun and still relatively long days: in October summer returned.
Lorenzo Tedici, meteorologist of the site, confirms a decidedly warm picture for the period, a picture that is increasingly frequent even in recent years. In the next few days we will therefore still have summer-like temperatures, about 5 degrees higher than the average but in the North there will be frequent low clouds or fogs in the morning. In the South, on the other hand, temperatures will increase again, especially on the Adriatic belt, and good weather is expected at least until Saturday; over the weekend a disturbance that is hiding in the dunes of the Erg, in Algeria, will rise towards the north and could worsen Sardinia, Sicily and at times the North-West.
The weather may change again next week with scattered rains and a drop in temperature; this forecast line is a projection that requires confirmation in the coming days, it is not excluded that the good weather may continue.
In detail – Wednesday 5. In the north: more clouds on the plains, sunny elsewhere. Middle: good and warm weather. In the South: all sun and warm weather for the period.
– Thursday 6. In the north: good and warm weather, possible fogs in the night on the plains. In the center: good and warm weather except for veiling in Sardinia. In the south: good and warm weather except for local thickening in Sicily.
– Friday 7. In the north: good weather except for low clouds or fog in the morning. In the center: all sun. In the south: cloudy sky with greater densities in Basilicata.
Trend: partial worsening between Sardinia, Sicily and the North-West over the weekend, next week with possible bad weather in the Center-South. (