Web lives “collective outbreak” when comparing Vyni with Drake after photo in the studio

Vyni posted a photo in the studio and was compared to the rapper (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Vyni posted a photo in the studio and was compared to the rapper (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Since when Vyni had an aesthetic procedure to change his teeth after the “BBB 22”, some netizens began to compare him with the rapper Drake. Last Monday (9), he published a black and white photo inside a music studio and the meme was even more in evidence. Some people think that people from Ceará really look like the artist. There are also those who consider the comparison a “collective outbreak” and take advantage of the publications to make fun of the boy.

Vyni has not yet explained, in fact, what her desire for music is. What is known so far is that he has recorded with Naiara Azevedo. On Instagram, the former BBB has posted several videos of dances that usually go viral on TikTok, which is still an indication. In an interview with Yahoo, Wesley Safadão even said that dancing is essential to launch hits at the moment.

Even with the attacks and derogatory comments, Vyni believes that he managed to win over the public after his passage through “BBB 22”. “There’s a lot of pressure inside, a lot of things involved. You’re being watched by cameras, you need to police yourself, be careful with attitudes, words. Thank God, I never made a slip”, said the Ceará Yahoo.

“People hugged me out here because I feel freer to be who I am. The ‘BBB’ was a great school. At the end of school, we pass the year, we pass. I think now people have seen who I really am “, he added.

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