WeCrashed: Anne Hathaway and Jared Leto in the tv series

WeCrashed, the TV series not to be missed in March

An Oscar-winning series. Indeed two: WeCrashedfrom March 18 on AppleTV +, relies on an Academy Award-winning couple, Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway, to tell the true story of a $ 47 billion start-up, WeWork. Or, to be more precise, its meteoric rise followed by a disastrous meltdown, as the eponymous podcast from which it is based explains.

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Adam Neumann (Leto grappling with yet another transformation, thanks to make-up guru and Oscar winner Kazu Hiro) is a young Israeli with the American dream. One, in short, who tries to make ends meet with a brilliant idea. He tries them all on, from children’s pants with knee patches for crawling to shoes with removable heels. Then, almost by chance, he finds the right idea, to create a space for the coworking that cuts costs and increases the potential of individuals. After a thousand ups and downs and difficulties, he finds a first investor. It is the mind behind a utopia and is capable of selling it with exceptional talent. On her way he meets Gwyneth Paltrow’s cousin yoga teacher Rebekah (Hathaway), and applies the same persistence with her as she does in her business. He meets her in a bar, follows her in the elevator, to the supermarket, to class… let’s just say he touches stalking until she gives in and a drink together turns into something else.
Thanks to a temporal ping pong we pass from the period of that first meeting, in 2007, to the present (2019), showing how these two managed to become rich, indeed very rich.

Peter Kramer

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