wedding in sight with Alessandro Nasi after the pain of divorce from Gigi Buffon

For a long time now, the serenity has returned to the love life of Alena Seredovathe Jennifer Aniston Italian who had to live, like the American one, divorce and betrayal of her husband in the public square.

Alena Seredova and the divorce from Buffon: “Nobody wanted me anymore”

TO very truea few years ago, Alena Seredova said: “Nobody wanted me anymore, mom used to tell me ‘who takes you at this age with children’. And instead I met him, I never said I would become a mother at 42, I thought I wouldn’t do it “. That someone was Alessandro Nasihis love since 2015 and father of his daughter Vivienne since 2020.

The two began to love each other when she had recently gotten out of marriage with Gianluigi Buffon: she never wanted to be an extended family or become friends with the woman who is Buffon’s current partner, Ilaria D’Amico, the one for whom he destroyed the marriage. the betrayal, the Seredova, discovered it in the worst way, as she told her to Who: “The horns? I found out on the radio while I was going to the hairdresser that I was cuckold. I was listening to a broadcast and someone told about the meeting between Gigi and Ilaria. Luckily I didn’t have an accident“.

Alena Seredova gets married: “I said yes”

Alena Seredova has so far spoken with extremely satisfied and happy tones about her love life lived with Alessandro Nasi.

Now things will get even better, because there is the scent of orange blossom in the air: to formalize it is the same Seredova, who has published a photo in the stories in which she is shown in the company of her boyfriend and the writing “I said yes”, “I said yes”. For now, the Seredova has not gone further and she enjoys the holidays with her partner and with her children, Vivienne Charlotte, David Lee And Louis Thomas.

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