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Weather: Weekend and All Saints’ Bridge, from Saturday here is the Halloween anticyclone, heavy consequences

The African anticyclone Monster arrives in the long Halloween and All Saints’ weekendFrom Scipio to the Halloween anticyclone! A weekend and an All Saints’ Bridge await us with really heavy consequences on our country.

For days now Italy has been wrapped in a warm anticyclonic blanket of sub-Saharan origin responsible for having reported an exceptional Third Ottobrata during this week (think that in history there had never been more than one), that is a period in the middle of October characterized by repeated stable conditions and above all by an extraordinary heat for the season.
In short, we are experiencing a truly unusual context and if it were not for some haze or fog banks on the northern plains and for the cool night temperatures, it would be practically from the end of Summer, from North to South.

But what awaits us in the coming days and in this case during the long weekend of Halloween and All Saints’ Day could be even worse (or rather, depending on your point of view).
The high African pressure, right at the turn of the holidays, will be further fueled by the hot winds coming directly from the Saharan lands, thanks to which it will rise in a really exaggerated way even in the direction of Northern Europe! We will be dealing with a real anticyclonic monster so vast that it is not the Mediterranean basin, but almost the whole of the Old Continent.

Playing strength, Italy will also be affected by this enormous high pressure field with consequences that will be really heavy. We will have stable days, almost totally sunny, but above all they will be too hot for the season. The only element that will remind us that we are between October and November will be represented by the reductions in visibility that at night and in the very early morning can affect the plains of the north and the inland areas of Tuscany. Too little, however, to divert attention from a climate that will have very little of normal.
However, the worst effects will be on the air quality which will gradually worsen due to the increase in stagnant polluting gases, especially in large cities. If we then add the continuous absence of precipitation, there will be no need to be too happy at an environmental level (do not want it for lovers of heat and sunshine).

We will see in the next updates if there are any signs of a possible change.

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